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For those of you who have a strong balance sheet and have planned this lockdown well, we offer a chance to grow at a low cost.  Now is the time to build upon your strengths and look to grab market share.  Whether this involves a combination of organic approaches of stealing market share or an inorganic approach of looking at alliances and acquisitions, our SBAs can help you with the entire ideation to strategy to flawless execution. 


Our SBAs have done deals worth over $1 BB across various industries and have recently sourced and evaluated over 30 acquisitions and alliances while closing over 8 deals leading to $15 MM in increased sales opportunities in the 1st year.  We will help you find the lowest risk, lowest cost path to expand your footprint and if needed, help you run the business or alliance using the playbooks we have developed.  We call this our “Rollups” play.

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