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For a small upfront set-up fee and a low monthly payment, we have designed a tool that can help address most of your worries about running your business.  In these uncertain times, our navigation dashboard will immediately help you answer questions like:

  1. How should I ramp up my operations without needing debt or running out of cash?

  2. What new sales activities do I absolutely need and which can I afford?

  3. Can I afford to invest in marketing, new products, new projects, buy inventory with my current status?  How can I manage through that and make good decisions?

  4. How can I manage my finances to help provide support to operations and sales?

Our Senior Business Advisors (SBA) will meet with you, understand your specific circumstances and collect financial data from you to build the Navigation Dashboard customized to you.  They will train you on the tool either on site or virtually.


Once the dashboard is built, they will update it every month and set up a session to help you make critical decisions that drive your business with ease, using the tool.

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