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This use case was very challenging.  The goal was to turn not just a lobby or a video wall or a single public display but an entire city into an AR Art Exhibition.  Using our no-code, Brand XR platform and our experts we activated a bunch of citywide exhibits and murals to create an interactive UX for the visitor of this very powerful exhibit of City Unseen.  Check it out and imagine the kind of exponential interaction this can bring to your clients’ public areas.

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The Story

Patrick & Holly Kahn of SNAP Art Gallery based in Orlando, Florida wanted to do something different and innovative. They became intrigued with the possibilities of Augmented Reality. After realizing how everyone today carries a smartphone they began to contemplate how it could also act as a lens into a whole other world layered on top of our own. Seeing some early work done by BrandXR they began the process of brainstorming a city wide, ongoing public art exhibition that would continuously grow.

The Solution

The City Unseen app was made with the BrandXR platform for Apple iOS and Google Android SmartPhones which would allow anyone to download the app and then physically visit several locations throughout Orlando to view a unique AR experience. Each respective AR art experience was crafted by the featured Artist, our BrandXR engineers and SNAP Cultural Arts Orlando.

The Results

The CITY UNSEEN app is available for users to enjoy the full range of [AR]t installations at 6 separate locations throughout the city effectively creating a form of local cultural tourism. City Unseen now positions Orlando as a pioneer with a new vision for the fusion of art and technology in the 21st century and serves as a platform for discussion about social, cultural, and environmental issues affecting those around us.

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