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Augmented Reality

& Virtual Reality

Our first offering in this series of “margin booster” products and services is Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR)/mixed reality (MR).  We are teaming up with a one-of-its-kind, no code platform player to bring you cutting edge offerings in this space.  Our products entail subscriptions of the “no code” platform for the DIY type AV pros while our services involve developing UX projects for your clients’ brands at cost points that are changing the game and making AR/VR more affordable while adding a margin boost to your bottom line.


According to a 2017 Credit Suisse report, the AR market was already over $50 BB in the US as of 2017, and it is expected to grow to $600 BB+ by 2025.  Even more interesting, the Enterprise AR market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 96% annually for the next few years.  The need for brands and marketers, who are  your customers, is to enhance their user experience (UX) of their brand.  Whether it is in your car, on the web, at trade shows, in lobbies, in retail, in the classroom, at the gym, in medicine or at your favorite sports venues, AR is expected to deliver unmatched UX in a word craving touchless interaction through devices like your glasses and mobile phones.  n-gaje has created a set of services for AR/VR that will make you have meaningful conversations of enhancing UX with your customers, especially in a touchless Covid world!  Our case studies will give you project ideas on how brands are enhancing the UX leveraging AR.  Read on and connect with Doug to use AR to stand out in front of your clients and thus help you, “make more money”.

Use Cases

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AR is very unique in creating a touchless interactive UX (user experience) in multiple situations, locations practically making it almost essential in some cases.  We at n-gaje can create powerful AR experiences faster and at low cost, for many applications leveraging Brand XRs no code platform.  It may help to illustrate the power of AR via use cases, each of which demonstrates the power of touchless AR in UX, in connecting brands with their users.  The first use case of DaVita shows how we can create cohesion, collaboration and association of achievement by team members of Davita with their brand.  The second is a mesmerizing use case of how a video wall or LED in a lobby can be activated for brand connectivity and UX.   Finally, in the third use case, through AR, we bring hotspots to places that are hard to visit or to user manuals or to practically any picture, object or image that requires explanation.  

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