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N-gaje was created with the sole purpose of increasing the sales and profits of pro AV companies and giving them an edge with their customers.  We achieve this by bringing unique, forward looking, technology first products and services to our pro AV clients.  We call these products and services, “margin boosters”.  Usually they are offered at either a low cost point so you as the pro AV company and your client can benefit, or we offer differentiated, first-in-class products and services that drive engagement and/or customer experience for your customers.  Currently we offer management consulting services and AR/VR products and services in our “margin boosters” series.  We plan to add more.  Read on to see how you could “make more money” as a pro AV house using our “margin boosters”.

Products and Services:

  1. AR/VR - Products and Services that improve margins and increase revenue for Pro AV Dealers and Rental and Staging companies. (Click on this to get to the AR/VR page) 

    • AR as service (ArAaS)- No Code AR/VR platform

    • AR Pro-Services- Additional Services that may be needed to create an AR/VR experience such as creative content development.      

  2. Management Consulting (click on this to get to Management Consulting)

    • Business Navigation Dashboard

    • Growth

    • M&A and Exit

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